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When I was young, you took my hand and walked through a street, a tall building. In the sea of ??people, there was no confusion, no fluster, and some were the temperature of your palm. When I was young, there were no toys, no snacks, and some were your company. When I was a child, I grew up, you went to junior high school, and I was still in elementary school. Our school was separated by a river. This can't stop my dependence on you. The happiest thing every day is to look for you at the bridge. Every time, "everything is not a thousand sails," I am "broken in the white Pingzhou." Later, I came to your school, but you left, you went to the city. We only stayed together during the summer and winter vacations. Without your company, I lost my way like a bird with wings folded. So, I began to crave a holiday, because the holiday you have accompanied. When I was in junior high school, I remembered that I had a summer vacation. I knew that I was calling in the tree. The puppy pulled my tongue. It is no exaggeration to say that I can cook the eggs. "Little girl, let��s go buy a drink." Ok, okay! "I am happy to dance. My brother and I are walking on the sidewalk. It can be said that "there is a steamy summer and a backfire." However, I still feel very happy. Since I grew up, I don't remember when we were Marlboro Gold. There are two people together, quietly walking on the road. Time is always like water, the small shop at the intersection of the lanes is printed in our eyes. My brother looked at me and said, "What do you want, cola? "I smiled smugly, Coke, my favorite soda, you remember. "Of course, yes, I want to be chilled!" "Know, little lazy! "Speaking, my brother has gone far, leaving behind the familiar back. Wait, do you think the matter is like this? If it is, then it is a big mistake! In my brother's eyes Marlboro Red, my sister is using it." To bully, how could he be so kind? Let us go back to the store and print our eyes. "Brother, are you going to buy or I want to buy?" "Of course, you, dear little girl, your favorite Coke ternary, the mineral water I want to drink, I will give you ten yuan, and the rest of the money will give you money!" "Brother, why are you so stingy Marlboro Lights, are you like this?" The girls in your class ask you to help buy the drinks. You will laugh and talk to them and buy them. Without their money, how can you get to your sister? Am I your sister? "Well, I am going, can I still not?" I said but you. "My brother was finally defeated by my three-inch tongue. Looking at his back, I smiled smugly. When I was proud, my brother had already returned to me. "Your cola, take it." "Thank you, my brother, wait for me to have money, please drink it." "Oh, I am waiting, I am afraid that the tree will be quiet and the wind will not stop, the child wants to raise and not to wait!" "What, what are you talking about!" "Okay, tease you, take care of you!" "Oh, I am obedient to hear from my brother. Although I ignore him, will I really ignore him?" "Be careful - I fell into my brother's arms. It turned out that I was only angry. A car next to me almost knocked me down. My head looked at my brother and looked at it and was splashed. The sludge itself, just want to wipe the sludge on his face, but found his brother's left hand still holding my right hand.
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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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